10 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

When is a toothache manageable, and when do you need to see a dentist immediately? Dental problems come in all types, severity, and pain levels. It is a good idea to know when to seek attention to deal with discomfort and avoid serious complications. Following are signs that you need emergency care:


  • Loose Teeth

    • Adults should not have loose teeth. The teeth are grown and mature and should be sturdy. If you have a loose tooth, you need to seek immediate dental care. A loose tooth is often caused by injury, and it can be painful. The sooner you get treatment, the easier it will be to save the tooth.


  • Painful, Bleeding Gums

    • If you notice bleeding while flossing, it may be caused by a failure to floss regularly. Regular bleeding can be a sign of gingivitis. If the bleeding is accompanied by severe pain and swelling, you need to visit a dentist immediately.  


  • Severe Toothache

    • Severe tooth pain is a sign that you need emergency dental care. Mild pain can be resolved with painkillers and other home remedies, but severe pain needs dental treatment. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential to provide permanent relief from the pain.


  • A Swollen Jaw

    • A swollen jaw can indicate the presence of a severe infection. Blockage of salivary glands prevents the breakdown of food and removal of bacteria. If you experience pain when swallowing, fever, and difficulty breathing, seek emergency dental care. 


  • Abscessed Tooth

    • A dental abscess can be very painful. Any sign of an abscessed tooth should prompt you to go to the emergency clinic immediately. This condition affects the tooth’s root and is usually caused by severe gum disease or untreated cavities. Trauma can also cause a dental abscess.


  • Broken or Chipped Tooth

    • Teeth can get damaged during an accident or injury. Something as simple as biting or chewing into something hard can cause teeth chip or break. It is essential to get a tooth fixed as soon as a chip or crack occurs. 


  • Numb Mouth or Teeth

    • If you notice a loss of feeling in your mouth or teeth, you need emergency dental care. Numbness is usually a sign of an infection that has spread to the roots. The numbness indicates the presence of an abscess. Prompt treatment is needed to prevent permanent damage.


  • Broken Braces

    • Broken braces require immediate dental care as well. A broken wire can injure the cheek, tongue, or gum. Pushing the wire back into place can help temporarily. However, you need emergency dental care to fully correct the problem. Breathing in or swallowing cut wires can be very dangerous.


  • A Fallen Crown

    • If a tooth crown falls off, it is important to visit the dentist right away as this situation can cause severe pain. Applying clove oil at home may offer some relief. It is best to bring the crown to the dental clinic.


  • Canker Sore

    • If you have a mouth lesion that has persisted for two weeks, see a dentist as soon as possible to get it treated. Also see your dentist immediately if you have a metallic taste in your mouth, severe headaches, or difficulty chewing.  

To learn more about emergency dental care, visit Perkins Dental Care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can also call (225) 398-3282 to book an appointment today.

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