What Is the Process of Getting Veneers?

The choice to permanently alter your teeth is an important one. Many people have qualms about the way their teeth look. If you have crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth, you may want to find out more about veneers. If you are interested in veneers read more about what veneers are and the process of getting veneers.


What Are Veneers?


These are custom-made, thin pieces of porcelain or composite shells designed to cover your tooth’s front surface. They can help improve the look of your teeth, which is why they are synonymous with smile makeovers. Porcelain veneers are the dental restoration of choice. They are similar to a crown or a filling. In certain situations, however, you may require an implant or different restorations to achieve a great smile.


Dental veneers bond to the surface of the teeth. They help to change the size, color, length, positioning, and shape of your teeth. Porcelain veneers tend to be more stain-resistant than those made of resin composite material. They also imitate the light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth. To choose the best veneer material for you, you will need to consult your dentist.


How Do Dental Veneers Work?


You can get a veneer for one tooth or for multiple teeth. You also have a choice of getting a full or a partial veneer. Your choice will depend on your budget and needs. However, the teeth size and shape that work for one person will not necessarily work for another person. You need to tell your dentist what you like and do not like about your teeth, and he or she will use that information to make it work for you.


The Process of Getting Veneers


Dental veneers are both a serious dental procedure as well as an aesthetic procedure. Therefore, you may want to ask to see examples of your dentist’s previous cosmetic work. Be sure to study the before and after photos, as well as any photos taken years later. This will help you see how the cosmetic procedure holds up over time.


After listening to your needs and hopes and evaluating your teeth, your dentist will recommend the best cosmetic procedure for you. Typically, he or she will remove a very small amount of your tooth structure to make room for dental veneers. Before this step, however, your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure your bite or teeth have no other clinical problems. For example, you may need to get veneer inlays, which are porcelain veneers attached to porcelain fillings. This will be necessary if your teeth need a cavity removed and the facing covered.


During your consultation, the dentist or dental assistant will take molds of your mouth. The molds will create the look of temporary veneers, shaped using a liquid composite. When crafting your new smile, a good dentist will take everything into account. This includes the shape of your face and the way you talk. Everything needs to work together perfectly.


On your next appointment, he or she will apply the temporary veneers to your teeth, which you may need to wear for a few days to test out. This will help you identify any changes you want to be made. Your dentist will take more molds and send the final plan to a ceramic manufacturer. On your next appointment, he or she will bind the final veneers to your teeth.


Most patients need a combination of procedures to treat a certain dental issue along with the aesthetic factor. During the procedure, your dentist may put you to sleep, but most prefer to give their patients local anesthesia. This is because they want patients to respond to certain things during the procedure. The dentist will do the design of your teeth in the temporary phase at this point. He or she will need to see the veneers move before making them disappear into your face.


To find out if dental veneers are for you, contact Perkins Dental Care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at (225) 398-3282 to schedule a consultation.

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