Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are Important

The 3-5 minutes most people take to brush their teeth are not enough to get perfect oral hygiene. For example, your toothbrush may not do a good job brightening your smile. You may also miss some plaque that could build up on your teeth and gums. For these reasons, you need a professional dental cleaning to help get you the bright polished smile you desire. Also, the dentist has special tools that get to the areas your toothbrush cannot reach.


There are many other reasons you should have regular dental cleanings. Read them below:


1. Prevents Cavity


Among the reasons why most people visit the dentist regularly for cleanings is to avoid cavities. Dental cleaning helps to get rid of bacteria that cause cavities. Besides, it costs much less to have your teeth cleaned as a preventative measure than to treat a tooth cavity.


2. Prevents Teeth Loss


Gum disease develops starting with plaque buildup on the teeth. It progresses to the point that you could lose your teeth when plaque digs down to the supporting tissue. By getting dental cleanings, you prevent the worsening of plaque and avoid losing your teeth.


3. Brightens Your Smile


At the dentist’s, the hygienist scrapes off the plaque in your gums, then carefully polishes them to remove surface stains. With the stains out, your teeth appear brighter. The polishing also makes the surface of your teeth smoother so that plaque and bacteria have a harder time adhering to your teeth. With that, your teeth stay healthy.


4. For Individualized Advice on Brushing and Flossing


Our dentists are passionate about educating patients on dental health and hygiene. They may identify areas of your mouth that require more of your attention during your regular brushing and flossing routine. You also get advice on choosing the proper tools that would help clean your teeth thoroughly. For example, if you have limited dexterity, the dentist may ask you to get an electric toothbrush. Also, if you have difficulty flossing correctly, the dentist may offer advice on doing it easily.


5. Prevents Gum Disease and Other Illnesses


Cleaning your teeth prevents the buildup of plaque and bacteria that cause gum disease. Gum disease damages the supporting tissue and loosens the teeth, causing tooth loss. But, besides losing your teeth, gum disease predisposes you to cardiovascular diseases. Science indicates a robust correlation between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases. By getting your teeth cleaned, you reduce your likelihood of contracting deadly strokes and heart attacks.


6. You Get an Oral Cancer Screening


During your appointment, the dentist will also screen you for oral cancer. The dentist gives you a quick, non-invasive evaluation of the inside of your mouth. He or she examines your lips, tongue, cheeks, the roof, and the floor of your mouth. These features should be healthy, with no bumps, lumps, color changes, or unexplained soreness. Once the dentist ensures that your mouth and teeth are healthy, the cleaning and examination are complete.


Getting oral dental cleaning has many benefits. For professional dental cleaning, visit Perkins Dental Care in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can also call 225-398-3282 to request a dental cleaning appointment. In case of a dental emergency, call 225-317-8084, and we will attend to you promptly.

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